Cat Naps


Dog Wash Cafe has a new cat boarding facility offering a clean and comfortable environment with only a limited number of cats housed at the one time.
This means more attention can be given to each cat. The cat boarding area is in a designated room, separated from the dog’s area.

Want to board your cat and dog together in the same room?
We are the only place in Sydney offering this.

$25 per night
$18 per night for a second cat

No discount for owners supplying own diet
Cats must be up to date with Vaccinations and worming.
A veterinary certificate must be shown as proof of vaccination.
Cats must be treated by topical flea prevention on arrival by DWC staff either by supply of owner or extra charge if supplied by DWC. The diet your cat will be enjoying consists of Eagle Pack dry biscuits and BARF cat which is a healthy raw meat. Also available is a selection of gourmet canned foods in different flavours so as to cater for the cats which may have a fussy palate.


We can clip cats if their temperament allows.
We will book your cat in at a quiet time (less dogs = less stress for your cat)
Prices start from $75.00
Most cat clips take 2-3 staff members to complete.