Gourmet Dog Treats


100% Organic, Naturally Shed, Australian Red Deer Antlers.
Dogs love them. Great for dogs that love to chew.
They will not splinter, can last for months and are full of nutrients.
They do not have an odour or residue like beef bones so are perfect for an indoor treat.

“Splits” are antler pieces cut length-ways to expose the softer bone centre. These are suitable for dogs who are softer chewers (young pups, older dogs). All edges are filed back so they are not sharp.

We are the only Product of Australia licenced seller. We do not deal with inferior imported antler.

Our tips when giving antler to your dog;
– if your dog is chewing the antler constantly, give as a treat for a controlled period each day, say 1 to 2 hours. Your dog should be allowed to grind down no more than 1cm of antler per few days,
– take the antler away once it is small enough for them to swallow whole,
– intense chewers need the most dense/heavier pieces. We can supply denser antler from other deer species if required (contact our shop by phone or Contact Form).
– if your dog is not interested at first, try rubbing the antler a little with a file or sandpaper, or soaking in water overnight, or a little peanut butter.
– if the antler did not last as long as expected, let us know and we will do our best to address this.

DO THIS; when ordering online, be sure to type in your dog’s breed & age in Order Notes at the Checkout. This will help us select the most appropriate piece.

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Dog Wash cafe has an on-site kitchen where we bake healthy and fresh dog biscuits.
DWC only use dog-friendly, human grade ingredients with no added preservatives or artificial colours.

Some of the delicious creations include:

Cinnamon and Molasses Muddy Paws
Chicken and Garlic Dogs Houses
Peanut Butter Sundays and Bonza Bones
Carob and Yoghurt Lollipups
Spinach and Oatmeal Cookies
Doggy Doughnuts and Pupcakes
Bark Burgers and Fries

DWC can personalize the range with words or your dog’s name.


Dog Wash Cafe supplies a range of dried treats.
Quality Australian products are sourced to give your dog the best.
(we do not deal with cheaper, imported products that can be fumigated and irradiated when quarantined)

Products include:
(the top seller) Dried Tuna, Shark Cartilage, Kangaroo Jerky, Liver, Lamb, Pigs Ears, Green Lipped Mussels….. to name a few.
Have you tried the Veggie ears?
They look like a pigs ear but are made out of 100% vegetables and have 90% less fat.